From Learnabytes to Just3Lessons

Through out last year I concentrated on trying to review a book a week, I didn’t meet that target but I still managed to go through about 45 books. This year, I think I have only reviewed 2 books. Looking back I realised that like a lot of people who read books, though I read a considerable amount of books and reviewed them, after sometime I remembered very little if anything of what I had read in these books. This does not sit comfortable with me as I don’t just read for pleasure, but also to learn. It’s now July 2015 and I have decided to change the way I read books. I want to remember more of what I read and also apply it too.

Based on that I have decided to curate three lessons from every book I read and turn those lessons into products that I can use to enrich my learning and hopefully will be useful to you too. Because of this I am taking three key actions:

  1. Firstly I am changing the name of this blog from Learnabytes to Just3lessons to reflect the curation of three lessons from each book that I will be doing from now on.
  2. From now on for each book I read there will be a quick book review and a write up of the three lessons I have learnt from the book.
  3. I will also be going over some of the books that I have already reviewed before using the format mentioned in point 2 above.

So welcome to my new book reading approach. I do hope to gain much more value from the books I read and hope to provide you with some value too.

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