Bit of indecision but i know what i want now

I started this blog as a book review blog because I love reading, but along the line got frustrated. I was reading and reviewing all these great books, but not learning anything from them. Within 2 or more weeks of reading a book I would  forget most if not all of what I read. I’m not much of a leisure reader, most of what I read is developmental. So for me to finish reading a book and not remember anything is really distressing.

But I have heard that you don’t need to remember everything in a book. You might only remember one or two things that you can put to good use. To me that didn’t sound right. Why read a book and not know everything in it. Some people even went as far as to say that you don’t need to read everything in a book, you can browse and then choose the areas that interest you and concentrate on that. For me that sounded even worse because when it comes to books I have the FOMO syndrome (Fear Of Missing Out). But I have come to realise that there is some wisdom in what these people have said. If we forget most of what we read in a book, being able to remember and use just one idea from a book is not a bad deal, is it?

And so I have decided that I want to remember, no not remember, curate one learning idea from each book I read that can go back to review. So from now on here is what my relationship with non-fiction books will look like:

  1. Read book
  2. Write quick short book review
  3. Write an outline of one thing thing I have learnt from the book as part of the quick review
  4. Write a lenghtier summary of the single lesson  for indiviudal application and a team lesson for those who have read it and want to teach it in a team or group setting.

Look out for this because it is coming soon.

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