Changing? Not Again

I started this blog in 2014 to review books as I do a fair bit of non-fictional reading and in 2015 abandoned it. Part of my challenge has been not knowing exactly what to do with the blog. The other syndrome I face is one I’m sure you are familiar with, it’s the – kid in the candy store syndrome. Just like a young child who is spoilt for choice in a candy store and has a problem deciding what to choose, I have all these ideas which I keep starting and stopping. But one passion that never left me and kept cropping up is learning from books and sharing my knowledge with others.

Reading has done a lot of good for me. It’s made me more confident, competent, positive and dare I say healthy. So I really want to take this blog somewhere that challenges me to keep reading and sharing knowledge. While I have previously focused on book reviews, I want do more than just that. And some time ago I wrote that I would start focusing on one idea from each book I read, hence the blog’s current name – Just One Idea, I do want to go a bit further. Each month I want to focus my reading around a specific theme, curate key lessons and share it with you and in some cases it will be more than one idea. I am now going to change the name of the blog (for now) to – Just Book Ideas.

The theme for this and next month is, Start Something Small. If you are wondering what in the world that means, then you will read about it in my next post. Also the name of the blog will now reflect the monthly book themes, so for this and next month the blog will be aptly called – Just Book Ideas – Start Something Small.



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