Marketing – The Essential Guide By Antonia Chitty & Victoria Dawson

Essential guide to marketingWhat attracted me to this book is its simplicity and small size. Many marketing books are heavy tomes with lots of pages. But this book had just 125 pages and 9 chapters. When I also looked at the content based on the chapters of the title, I liked what I saw. Marketing is an area where a lot of entrepreneurs struggle. Building a product does not necessarily mean people will come and buy unless they know about it. This book will give you some ideas on how to promote and market your business. So potential customers know and understand what you are offering. The authors describe this as a book that will help all business sizes ranging from sole traders to teams know how to market their business.

Following is a brief review of each chapter.

Chapter 1  – Introduction to marketing
In this chapter you will learn about the basic things you need to get right before doing any promotional activity, such as branding, establishing an audience and how to reach them. The question, why do you need to promote your business, is also answered. The chapter is concluded with a quick action checklist, as are all other chapters.

Chapter 2 – Turn branding into business
Here you will take what you have learnt from branding in chapter 1 and put it into practice. There is more detail on the subject of branding here and some of the areas covered are:
– business communication and your business
– how people in your business behave and branding
– Marketing and building relationships with people
– Understanding your customers
– Seven ways to reach a customer
– Your business follow-up system.
There is also information on marketing campaigns, promotional materials and marketing materials and of course a quick action check list.

Chapter 3 – Effective press releases
If you want to know what a press release is and how to write one, you will find this chapter very valuable. It answers the question; why you should use press releases and gives some ideas for press releases. There are also some examples of press releases provided.

Chapter 4 – Sales and advertising
Sales is a word that sends fear into the heart of first time  entrepreneurs. Sales is really that thing we don’t like doing, but we know that if we can’t sell, we can’t have a successful business. This chapter looks at sales and advertising. For advertising it covers some key topics such as:
– Focused advertising
– Advertising budget
– Designing effective adverts
– Planning your advertising
For sales these topics are covered:
– How to sell
– Relationship building – key to sales
– Ways to close (a sale)
– Sales promotion
– Cross-selling and upselling

Chapter 5 – Online promotion
The whole of this chapter focuses on having a website as a way of promoting a business. Some of the topics discussed are:
– Why have a website
– Website design
– Domain names and hosting
– Search engine optimisation (SEO)
– Writing for the web
– Copyright

Chapter 6 – Start marketing online
This chapter  is a follow on from the previous chapter as it covers how to promote your website through internet marketing. Some interesting areas are covered, and you will learn about various ways to attract people to your website such as using landing pages, email marketing and different product ideas like eCourses and eBooks to attract people.

Chapter 7 – Social media for promotion
This chapter starts out with a key question: Why use social media? It then goes on to discuss two social media sites, Twitter in a bit of detail and Facebook briefly.

Chapter 8 – Blogs and marketing
Rarely will you read about online related marketing without blogging being mentioned. As in previous chapters, the question of why one should blog is answered. Then the options for setting up a blog are discussed. What you will also learn in relation to blogging are:
– Frequency of posts
– Using images, video and audio
– Linking
– Promoting your blog

Chapter 9 – Planning and evaluation
There are many activities that could potentially be part of a marketing strategy. This final chapter helps you put a plan together to determine which marketing activity will work for your business venture. This is an action-oriented section, and by reading it and doing the activities you will:
– Clarify your business aims
– Decide what you want to promote
– Work out the objectives for your marketing campaign
– Lay out your plan
There is also a short section on how to evaluate the success of your marketing plan after implementing it.

Though a short book it contains a lot of useful information that will support you to put a marketing strategy together. Knowledge in the book is especially useful for small businesses.

One thought on “Marketing – The Essential Guide By Antonia Chitty & Victoria Dawson

  1. Great breakdown of the book! I’ll have to check it out.

    It is hard to find great marketing books that are broad enough for new practicioners and not written for academics. I really like that the final chapter helps bring it all together and gives people something they can use.

    I recently put together a list of resources including books that is extremely useful for marketers and salespeople. Check it out!


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