Book Review – Start Your Own Blogging Business By Entrepreneur Press and Jason R. Rich

blog businessStart Your Own Blogging Business by Entrepreneur Press in collaboration with Jason R. Rich, who has written no less than 10 books  is subtitled: Generate Income from Advertisers Subscribers, Merchandising, and More. This subtitle is a bold statement because blogging is one of those things that are easy to start, but difficult to make money with, so it will be interesting to see what advice the book offers to help us start making money from our blogs. This is not a large book with just 150 pages of reading content, but it does cover some interesting topic areas such as:

– How to plan and create your blog
– Publishing and promoting your blog
– Changing a hobby blog into a professional one
– How to generate revenue directly from your blog

The book has seven chapters and a glossary of blog related terms. To give you an insight into what the book covers in a bit more detail, I’ve reviewed each chapter briefly.

Chapter 1 – Planning and creating your blog
This chapter is a detailed introduction to blogging covering a wide array of topics. It defines what a blog is and discusses how to choose a good blog topic. The different types of blogs are explained and the importance if continuous content for your blog, the blogger and credibility and competition with other bloggers. There are three interesting sections on how to write like a blogger, strategies for producing quality video blogs and choosing s platform for your blog’s growth. The technical aspect of hosting a blogs g is also discussed. Other areas covered are, advertising capacity, future growth if your blog, customising a blog and growth plans. The content in this chapter will teach you a lot about blogging. It is the biggest chapter in the hook with 44 pages.

Chapter 2 – Publishing your blog or blog
This is a more focused chapter which deals with how to publish your blog. It discusses the various platforms that can be used for blogs and differentiates between community blogging services such as Facebook, web-based blogging services like and and installed blogging applications such Movable Type and the installed version of WordPress.

Chapter 3 – Promoting your blog and building your audience
If you have blog a blog you definitely want to learn more about promoting it and growing your audience. Some of the information in this chapter us helpful for understanding that. You will learn about:
– How to begin writing your blog
– How to write keywords that search engines notice
– The importance of frequency and consistency in blogging
– How to test your blogging platform
– Attracting traffic to your blog
– Search engines
– Keyword optimization
– Search engine advertising
Ways if promoting a blog such as using blog aggregators, lusting a blog in a blog directory that allows people to search for blogs in specific topics, swapping links with other bloggers to attract readers, word-of-mouth, becoming a guest blogger and writing reviews of other sites.

Chapter 4 – Generating revenue directly from blog
As much as possible you want to generate revenue from your blog. The following revenue generating ideas are discussed in this chapter:
– Donations
– Affiliate programs
– Merchandising
– Memberships or subscriptions
– Selling display ad space
– Private sponsors
Various ad networks that can he used to sell advertising are discussed. There is also a section on how to create a media kit document to compile data that businesses need to know if you want to sell advertising on your blog.

Chapter 5 – Transitioning from a hobbyist into a professional business
This is a very brief chapter which focuses on turning a blog into a business. It discusses the steps necessary to set up a money making blog into a business venture.

Chapter 6 – Meet established bloggers and learn from their success
This chapter brings blogging to life because it features four interviews and with four successful bloggers. This is a must-read in the book.

Chapter 7 – Final thoughts
This concluding chapter ends with six strategies for improving your blog which are:
1- define the target audience for your blog and stick to that audience
2- Put a uniques twist on your blog’s topic and content
3- Add new content on a regular basis
4- Focus in engagement: transform your blog into an interactive online community
5- Adopt a multifaced approach to promoting your blog continuously
6- Keep the blog’s look, overall design and content professional

Where blogs are concerned this is a very informative book. If you want to start a blog then read this book. Not only will it give you guidance on how to start a successful blog, it will also help you to avoid mistakes that other bloggers make. If you already own a blog, there are ideas in this book that can help you make your blog even better.

Two quick lessons I learnt
Look out for two quick tips I learnt from the book coming in my next two posts. They are:
1- Four features of a successful blog
2- Three ideas from successful bloggers

I will write about each of them in a bit more detail.

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