Learning Points from Successful Networking in 7 Simple Steps to by Clare Dignall

7 stepsYou can read my review of the book here, but these are two quick lessons I learnt from reading it.

How can I begin to use social media much better?

Networking via social media is something that has become common place, but being able to use it properly is important. Here are some actions that can help to improve your online networking:

  1. Review your profile on the site: Make sure it is up to date. If you are on LinkedIn, are your employment or business details correct? Check that they are.
  2. Check what your contacts are doing: check what your contacts are doing, possibly on a daily basis. This will help you to initiate and personalise communications with them.
  3. Post regularly: this may include content you write or sharing other content you’ve seen. Just do it regularly.
  4. Ask and answer questions: people like answering questions, they also like people answering their questions. Doing this regularly will give you more visibility.
  5. Post comments or likes: commenting on other’s content and status will also give you more visibility.

Demonstrate better listening skills with FACE

The most important skill in face-to-face networking is active listening. You can use the FACE framework to improve your active listening skills.

  • F for focus: focus on the speaker and nothing else.
  • A for acknowledge: show the speaker that you acknowledge what they are saying and you are listening to them. Show you are paying attention.
  • C for clarify: ask simple and meaningful questions to encourage the speaker.
  • E for emphasize: show that you appreciate the speaker’s view and opinion.

There are much more lessons in the book, but I found these two really useful.

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