Ten Quotes from Successful Networking in 7 Simple Steps by Clare Dignall

7 stepsHere are some quotes from Successful Networking in 7 Simple Steps. You can also read a review of the book here.

  1. Simply put, networking is the process of meeting new people, and maintaining valuable contact with these people, to benefit both you and them.
  2. Surprisingly, it’s the people you know least that could be most useful to you.
  3. It’s generally believed that a person can only sustain around 150 meaningful social relationships; all those people you see on Facebook with 350+ friends don’t really have 350 lifelong buddies; they’ll have a few, the rest acquaintances.
  4. Networking relies mostly on your ability to listen and converse.
  5. Making social media work for, not against you, relies on having a strong awareness at all times of what you want people to see and what you don’t.
  6. Creating an online brand sounds complicated, but it isn’t: it’s simply the process of ensuring that what people can find about you online is consistent with, and underlines, the persona you’ve worked hard to develop face to face.
  7. When online, it’s safest to act as if you have paparazzi on your tail. Google doesn’t forget or keep secrets.
  8. Only choose events that may have valuable relevance to you, and work with your diary.
  9. It’s not rocket science to suggest that when meeting new people, it’s a good idea to look your best.
  10. If you want to feel confident and fully engaged in conversation, then it’s no surprise that the first thing you have to do is look confident and fully engaged.

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