Quotes From Teach Yourself To Think

Teach yourself to thinkHere are Some quotes from Teach Yourself To Think:

  1. Thinking and action are not separate. Thinking should continue into the action stage.
  2. The output of thinking must be put into the real world. It is not enough to think of a solution to a problem. You also need to consider how that solution will be put into action.
  3. People are frightened of making plans because they feel theory would be restricted by that plan. This need not be so. The plan itself is never restrictive. The way you use the plan may be restrictive.
  4. When you have something down in front of you it is very different from that something existing in your head.
  5. In terms of action an expert is someone who has refined the action so that all unnecessary bits have been thrown out.
  6. Effective people get on with things and do them. Less effective people have to keep coming back for encouragement and instruction.
  7. Expectations are more powerful than incentives. If there is an expectation that people should be creative, then they will seek to be creative at every possible opportunity.
  8. The purpose of thinking is to deliver to you the values you seek just as the purpose of a bicycle is to get you to where you want to go.
  9. We need values, feelings and thinking. Feeling is no substitute for thinking. Thinking without values is aimless.
  10. Complacency is the enemy of all progress. So is resignation. If you believe you are perfect, then you make no effort to get better. If you have given up, you also make no effort.



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