My Latest Challenge – Summarising Quick Lessons From Books I read

This blog is all about reviewing great developmental books, but while it’s good to read books, the problem I have is that I forget most of what I’ve read from a book some time after I’ve read it. While I don’t expect to remember everything I read in a book, I want to at least remember some lessons which I can find a way of applying. That’s why I have set myself the challenge of summarising and documenting a couple of lessons from each book I read in so that I can go back to review the lessons if necessary. But I don’t just want to keep the lessons to myself, I want other people to be able to learn these lessons too. As a result I have started writing mini-book summaries and group sessions from the books I review on this site. The mini-book summarise will have up to three lessons for reading, while the group sessions will allow a person to teach a group of people the lessons summarised from each book. I call these resources learnabytes and my first learnabyte is from Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. You can see it here.


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