Three Lessons From Delivering Happiness

Previously I wrote a book review on Tony Hsieh’s Delivering happiness which I believe is a brilliant book. You can read that review here. There are three key lessons that I learnt from the book which are:

  1. How to strengthen your culture with a book: Zappos have a culture book which contains information about the company’s culture from all the employees. This book helps to communicate the Zappos culture and it is a demonstration of how staff can be engaged to create something crucial to the comapany.
  2. Using a focus to differentiate your company: This second lesson is about how Zappos used it’s focus on great customer service to differentiate the company and create a comparative advantage for itself. In a business landscape where companies are constantly copying each other, having a USP which differentiates your organisation is a business winner.
  3. The importance of being transparent: This last lesson focuses on something which lots of organisations struggle with, transparency. Through certain actions Zappos has been able to create a business environment which promotes open and honest communication.

If you want to know more about what I learnt from these three lessons then you can get the learnabyte I wrote, which contains a mini-summary of the book and a group session for teaching others about these three lessons here.

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