Book Review – The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Picture1The One Minute Manager is a classic leadership and management book that distills three key management skills in the form of a short story. Written by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, the original version of the book was written in the year 2000 and has been updated since then. This is a book that can be read in one seating and is very easy to understand. The story is centred around a young manager who meets up with the One Minute Manager to learn what makes him a good manager. Throughout the book, the young manager not only discusses with the one minute manager, but also meets with some of his direct reports to learn from them how the one minute manager operates. Three key skills are discussed in the book and these are referred to as the secrets for one minute management. They are:

  1. One minute goals: setting goals that can be read in one minute. These goals must not cover more than one side of an A4 sheet and must have 250 words or less.
  2. One minute praisings: This is about catching people doing things right and immediately  praising them for what they did.
  3. One minute reprimands: This is about correcting people immediately you notice that they have done something wrong.

This is a book that tries to summarise some of the most important skills of leadership and management into three techniques using an engaging story. If you’ve read this book before, read it again. If you haven’t read it before then you need to read it. Though it’s quite old, it’s a refreshing read when compared to all the complex management books currently being written. Management and leadership should be explained in a simple way and this book succeeds at doing that.


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