My one lesson from what the CEO wants you to know

Previously I reviewed the book, What the CEO wants you to know, by Ram Charan. You can read that review here. A habit I am building is picking one key lesson from every book I go through. If you notice I didn’t write, “every book I read”, because I don’t have to read every book, but I can learn from them, even if that means curating just one key lesson.

From What the CEO wants you to know, the key lesson for me was the importance of having the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs and supporting them through coaching. Any team manager that recruits somebody and finds they are not the right match for the job and so is underperforming should move promptly to remedy the situation.

I also learnt about the importance of coaching. When I talk about coaching here, I don’t mean formal planned coaching, but the day to day support that managers can give their team members through direct, honest and candid feedback and developmental support.

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