Rebooting The Power of  a Positive NO by William Ury

I just finished reading a book by William Ury called, Getting To Yes With Yourself, I reviewed that book here. While reading it, I remembered the book I read that introduced me to his reading, The Power of a Positive NO, which I also reviewed here. Now I have decided to read that book again. You may be wondering why. Recently I read two articles, one emphasised the importance of going deep, while the other looked at how to save money by re-using things we already own instead of of buying new stuff. In the area of reading both articles encouraged us to read some of our old books again and be mindful of learning something from them. That’s exactly what I want to do with the book I’m re-reading.

More importantly I want to curate one key idea from the book that I can apply to my life and where possible teach others. So once I finish the book I will share my one idea with you.

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