Ten quotes to get you respecting

William Ury has been teaching me about respecting others and that’s even if people disrespect me. These ten quotes from his book, The Power Of a Positive No, really resonated with me and have really made me think about the importance of respecting others. Let me share them with you.

  1. Before we can truly give respect to the other, we need to give respect to ourselves because it allows our respect for the other to be genuine.
  2. Some people didn’t like the ceremonious style, writes Churchill. But after all, when you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to he polite.
  3. Respect does not mean liking the other personally – because you may not. It does not mean doing what the other wants – because you are about to do the opposite. What respect does mean is simply to give value to the other as a human being just as you would like others to give value to you.
  4. To be respected means to be seen and to be heard – every human being deserves that chance.
  5. Basic respect begins with concrete behaviours, such as listening and acknowledging, which may (or may not) lead to genuine feelings of respect. The important thing for the moment is to act with respect, whatever your feelings may be.
  6. When I’m dealing with an armed criminal, my first rule of thumb is to be polite (from a police officer).
  7. An obvious reason to give respect to the other is because it works.
  8. Respect, in short is the key that opens the door to the other’s mind and heart.
  9. When we respect the other, we give ourselves the opportunity to look again at someone whom fear and anger may have kept us from seeing fully.
  10. Respect, in the sense I am using it here, is not something that needs to be earned by virtue of good behaviour; every human being deserves it simply by virtue of being human.



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