Book Review – Core Coaching: Coaching For Great Performance at Work by Sheridan Maguire

Core coachingCore Coaching subtitled, Coaching for Great Performance at Work was written by Sheridan Maguire to be a simple guide for those who want to deliver coaching in the workplace. The book has some very good lessons for qualified coaches but is also helpful for those who don’t have any coaching certification and want to use coaching as a developmental approach.

This is a relatively small book with just 129 pages but it’s full of good quality information for coaching. There are four chapters in the book which I’ve briefly reviewed below.

Chapter One – Managers Coaching at Work

In this chapter the manager as coach and why coaching is an effective approach for managers to use at work is introduced. We are also introduced to the five-way coaching model which looks at coaching from the dimensions of coaching inwards, upwards, outwards, downwards and sideways. There are also sections on team coaching, a comparison of coaching and mentoring and the ethics and supervision of the manager as coach.

Chapter Two – Fitness as Coach: The eight STAMINAS

This chapter presents information which is a core part of the book. It describes eight qualities necessary for effective coaching which Sheridan has given the acronym STAMINAS. These eight qualities are:

  • Structure
  • Toughness
  • Affinity
  • Mobility
  • Intuition
  • Norms
  • Action-orientated
  • Support

Each quality is explained in detail and this section of the book takes up 43 pages, one-third of book which goes to show how important this part is.

Chapter Three – What’s your coaching style?

This is a follow-on from the previous chapter because it provides a questionnaire to help us identify our coaching style using the STAMINAS qualities. After completing and scoring the questionnaire you will have identified how strong you are in each of the STAMINAS qualities. In the scoring, the qualities are paired so you will end up with four scores in the following four pairs. Each pair is a coaching style described as an orientation (shown in brackets below):

  1. Intuition and mobility (CREATIVE orientation)
  2. Toughness and action-oriented (OFFENSIVE orientation)
  3. Support and affinity (RELATIONAL orientation)
  4. Norms and structuring (EMPRICAL orientation)

The rest of the chapter describes each of the styles in detail and provides information on humour and presence in coaching.

Chapter Four – Tools and Techniques

This chapter focuses on three coaching tools and techniques which can further strengthen our coaching capabilities. These tools are:

  1. Techniques for Goals
  2. Techniques for Awareness
  3. Techniques for Action

One of the best things about this book are the numerous examples and case studies used to demonstrate how to use the coaching tools in the book.

This book is straightforward, short and practical. If you are looking to learn a few things about coaching, you can’t go wrong with Sheridan Maguire’s book.




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