One Idea Group Session from Coaching at Work: Powering Your Team With Awareness, Responsibility and Trust by Matt Somers



This resource will help you to facilitate a short group session to learn from the One Idea Summary on Coaching With ARROW.


  • Be able to describe the five steps of the ARROW coaching framework.
  • Be able to write at least three questions you can ask for each step in the ARROW


Send a copy of the One Idea Summary on Coaching with ARROW to the participants at least one week before the session. Tell them to read it before coming.


Introduce the session

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objectives with them.

Reviewing ARROW

Put them into pairs and give each pair flipchart paper and pens.

Tell each pair to review what they read about the ARROW framework and write a summary of their understanding on the flipchart sheet. Give them 10-minutes.

After 10-minutes stop them and listen to their summaries of ARROW.

When they finish feeding back their summaries, move on to discuss the importance of the framework for coaching.

ARROW’s importance to coaching

Tell them that, having reviewed ARROW, let’s look at how it is important to coaching. Put them back into the pairs that just reviewed ARROW and let them discuss this question:

What do you think are the advantages of using ARROW to structure a coaching conversation?

Give them 5-minutes for the discussion.

After 5-minutes stop them and ask for feedback. Take one point from each pair alternately. Let them continue to give you their points till they run out. Make sure you write all their points on flipchart paper where they can all see it (after the session take a photograph of it and send to everyone).

You also contribute to the discussion (and write your point down to as part of the flipchart to be photographed) by telling them that:

A key benefit of using the ARROW framework is that it helps to guide the person being coached from a broad understanding of what they are trying to achieve long-term to a clear plan of action with detailed process steps.

Thank them for their feedback and let them know that finally they will do an exercise on how to apply ARROW in practice.

Writing ARROW questions

Split them into smaller groups and give each group this task,

Imagine that you have to show a group of people how to use the ARROW framework. Write three questions for each ARROW step to share with the group.

If it helps you can do a practice session where one person acts as a coach and another person as the coachee to come up with the questions.

Give them 15-minutes for the activity and tell them to write their questions on flipchart paper.

After 15-minutes stop them and allow each group to give their feedback.

You also contribute by sharing these questions with them:


  • What do you want from this discussion?
  • What do you want to achieve from today’s meeting?
  • What do you want to achieve over the long-term?


  • What is happening now?
  • Who is this affecting?
  • What’s the challenge if this doesn’t change?


  • How big is the gap between your aim and reality?
  • Are you sure that what you said truly reflects the situation?
  • If your team members were to tell me about the reality, what do you think they would have said?


  • What can you do about all this?
  • What else can you do?
  • If you had no limitations what would you do?


  • What exactly are you going to do?
  • How will this take you towards your aims?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed are you to take this action?

Maker sure you take photographs of their questions to send to each person later and also send them the questions you shared with them too.


To review and conclude the session, tell them that:

Thank you very much for all your participation. During this session, we reviewed the ARROW framework, reflected on its importance to coaching and practised writing coaching questions with ARROW.

Hopefully you have learnt something that will be useful in supporting others with coaching. Look for opportunities to practice with ARROW and also do some more research to strengthen your own coaching capabilities. Thank you.

Close the session

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