One Idea Group Session from Running Meetings by Nick Morgan



This resource will help you to facilitate a short group session to learn from the One Idea Summary on ‘How to prepare for a meeting’.


  • Be able to describe the five steps involved in preparing for a meeting
  • Be able to demonstrate how to prepare for a meeting.


Send a copy of the One Idea Summary on ‘How to prepare for a meeting’ to the participants at least one week before the session. Tell them to read it before coming and bring it with them to the session.


Introduce the session (5-minutes)

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objectives with them.

Review the meeting preparation steps (15-minutes)

Put them into small groups of between 3 to 4 people and give each group flipchart paper and pens.

Tell each group to review what they read about preparing for meetings from the one idea summary and write a summary of their understanding on the flipchart paper. Give them 10-minutes.

After 10-minutes stop them and listen to their summaries.

When they finish feeding back their summaries, appreciate them and move on to do the meeting agenda activity with them.

Activity – Create a meeting agenda (20-minutes)

Tell them that, ‘now that you’ve reviewed the steps to create a meeting, let’s move onto something more practical. I’m going to get you to create a meeting agenda. To create it, you will work in the small groups that reviewed the five steps.’

To set up the activity, give each small group flipchart paper and pens. Share the following information with them. Read out the information and let them write it down.

  • Meeting to identify what features we want in our new HR system based on our HR vision and weaknesses of the current system
  • 10 – 12 noon on the 20th of February 2020.
  • Venue is Boardroom set up in horse-shoe shape.
  • Attendees will be Gina, Obi, Richard, Kojo, Angelina, Beatrice and me, Paisley.
  • Meeting roles needed are chair, which will be me, timekeeper, minute-taker, refreshment provider, someone to start us off with an icebreaker and someone to set up the venue.
  • Everyone to read the document on issues with current HR system that will be sent out with the agenda.
  • Objective of the meeting is to come up with a checklist of features and questions to engage HR system providers we will speak to.
  • Main agenda items will be, opening icebreaker, share purpose and objective of the meeting, review current challenges with HR system, brainstorm and compile what we want for new system, create an HR systems requirements checklist to engage HR systems providers and define what next steps are

Tell them again that, ‘your task is to create a meeting agenda template that incorporates all the information I just told you so that it can be included as part of the meeting invitation.

Give them 10-minutes for the activity.

Review activity – Create a meeting checklist (10-minutes)

After 10-minutes stop them and bring the whole group back together.

Ask each group to present their agenda template back to the whole group and listen to their presentation.

When they all finish presenting, thank them for the work they did and let them know that you will also share a sample agenda template with them.

Show them the agenda below. You can either give them printed copies or have it already reproduced on flipchart paper.

Meeting Agenda Template


Give them some time to go through the sample agenda.

After they’ve gone through it, ask for any questions or comments they have about the it or the exercise they did earlier on.

Listen to what they say and respond appropriately.

Appreciate them again for their participation and move on to review and close the session.


To review the session tell them that, ‘for this session we had two key objectives, which were to ensure you are able to describe the five meeting preparation steps and demonstrate how to prepare for a meeting.

To achieve those objectives, you first reviewed the one idea summary you were sent before the session. You also did an exercise on creating a meeting agenda. After that I shared an example of a meeting agenda with you. I hope that through this short session you have acquired a few tips that will help you prepare for meetings much more effectively.’

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