One Idea Group Session from Leading Teams by Anne Donnellon


Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash


This resource will help you to facilitate a short group session to learn from the One Idea Summary on ‘Three Actions for Leading a Team’.


  • Be able to describe the three actions for leading a team.
  • Reflect on how to apply the three actions to their own team.


Send a copy of the One Idea Summary on ‘Three Actions for Leading a Team’ to the participants at least one week before the session. Tell them to read it before coming and bring it with them to the session.


Introduce the session (5-minutes)

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objectives with them.

Review three actions (20-minutes)

Put them into pairs and give each pair flipchart paper and pens.

Tell each pair to review what they read about the three actions from the One Idea Summary and write a summary of their understanding on flipchart paper.

Give them 10-minutes.

After 10-minutes stop them and listen to the summary from each pair. This will take another 10-minutes.

When they finish feeding back their summaries, appreciate them and move on to do the next activity which involves them reflecting on how they will apply the three actions to their own teams.

Activity – Reflecting on applying the actions (20-minutes)

Tell them that:

Now that you’ve reviewed the three actions, lets reflect on how we can apply the actions to our own teams.

To do this, I want you to get something you can write notes on. It can be a notebook or something digital to take notes even if it’s your phone.

I am going to ask you a couple of questions and give you time to answer them.

Ask them the following seven questions and allow 2-minutes for them to answer each question.

Take a total of 20-minutes for this activity.

  • How do you normally clarify goals for your team?
  • What might you do differently to clarify your goals based on the first action from the three actions?
  • Write down at least one thing you will do differently from now on to communicate more effectively with your team.
  • Do you ever take time-out for your team to refresh and reflect?
  • If you do take time-out, how effective has it been?
  • What can you do to make the time-out you take even more effective?
  • If you don’t take time-out, write down at least one thing you can start doing immediately to start taking time out.

Review Activity – Reflecting on applying the actions (20-minutes)

After 20-minutes, stop them and get everyone’s attention. Ask for quick feedback from each person. The feedback they each give should include:

  • What they will do differently to clarify team roles.
  • What they will do differently to communicate more effectively?
  • How they will facilitate time-out effectively with their teams.

Listen to their feedback and allow up to 20-minutes for them to talk.

When they finish feeding back, thank them for doing the activity and the information they shared.

Now move on to review and close the session.

Review and close (5-minutes)

To review the session tell them that:

  • During this session we reviewed three actions you can take for leading a team more effectively.
  • You also had the opportunity to think about how you can apply the actions to your teams.

You should now have some ideas that you can begin to apply to your teams. Even if it is one thing you do differently, don’t let the knowledge you gained from this session go to waste. Go back to your teams and try something different.

After that end the session.

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