One Idea Group Session From Be Inspired by Great Leaders by Alison and David Price


Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash


This resource will help you facilitate a short group session to learn from the One Idea Summary on Three Qualities of a Good Vision Statement.


  • Be able to list and describe the three qualities of a good vision statement.
  • Be able to write a vision statement using the three qualities.


Send a copy of the One Idea Summary on Three Qualities of a Good Vision Statement to the participants one week before the session. They are to read it before the session and bring it with them.


Introduce the session

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objectives with them.

Review the three ways

Split them into small pairs.

Tell each pair to discuss what they read about the three qualities of a good vision statement from the One Idea Summary and be ready to talk about what they discussed.

Give them 5-minutes.

After 5-minutes stop them. Ask each pair to tell you what they discussed. Make sure their feedback shows that they know and understand the three qualities. If not, use the One Idea Summary to remind them of the three qualities.

Next, they will do an activity that requires them to compare two vision statements and identify the one that best demonstrates the three qualities.

Which statement is better?

Let them know that they are going to do a quick activity where they will be given two vision statements and they have to identify which one best demonstrates the three qualities.

To set up the activity:

  • First read out the two vision statements to them. They are to write both of them down.
  • First vision statement – To provide information that keeps compliance professionals up to date about regulatory changes.
  • Second vision statementWe aim to be the top source of compliance-related information for all compliance professionals around the world. We will be a one-stop shop for compliance professionals.
  • Now tell them to discuss which vision statement best describes the three qualities. They can either do the activity individually or in the pairs that did the review activity.
  • Give them 5-minutes for the activity.
  • After 5-minutes stop them and ask for their feedback.
  • They should identify the first vision statement as the one that best aligns with the three qualities because:
    • It is specific – the vision is to keep compliance professionals up to date about regulatory changes.
    • It is succinct – has just 13 words.
    • It is people-centred – it clarifies how the vision will benefit people, in this case compliance professionals.
  • Check that they identify these three qualities in their feedback. If they don’t point them out.
  • After that get them to do one more activity about writing a personal vision statement for themselves.

 It’s your turn

Tell them that they are going to do one more activity, which is to write a personal vision statement.

For the activity:

  • Tell them to think about one thing they want to achieve. It should be something they are comfortable talking about.
  • They should write a statement which should tell us specifically what they want to achieve in a succinct way. The statement should also let us know what they stand to benefit from achieving it.
  • You too (the facilitator) should take part in the activity.
  • Give them 5-minutes to write the statement.
  • After 5-minutes stop them.
  • First read out your own vision statement. For example – to drink 5 cups of water daily to improve my health (it has 11 words, clarifies what I want to do and its benefits).
  • After reading out yours, listen to theirs too. Don’t comment or try to correct anything they say.
  • After they finish feeding back their statements tell them that:
    • Though the personal example they wrote is not exactly an example of a vision statement, it does contain the necessary ingredients for writing a good vision statement.
    • If you can write a personal vision statement, then you can write a team one and even an organisation one.

After that move on to review and conclude the session.


To review the session, tell them that:

  • During this session we explored three qualities for writing a good vision statement.
  • First you reviewed the three qualities.
  • Then you did an activity where you read two vision statements and identified the one that best incorporates the three qualities.
  • Finally, you wrote a personal vision statement to practice using the three qualities.
  • If you manage a team you can use these three qualities to write a vision statement that summarises what your team exists to achieve.

After the review, end the session.

End the session

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