One Idea Group Session from Giving Presentations by Nick Morgan



This resource will help you facilitate a short group session to help a group learn from the One Idea Summary on Three Actions for Presenting Effectively.


  • Be able to list and describe the three actions for effective presenting.
  • Identify what steps they can take to improve their presentations.


Send a copy of the One Idea Summary on Three Actions for Presenting Effectively to the participants one week before the session. They are to read it before the session and bring it with them.


Introduce the session

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objectives with them.

Review the three actions.

Split them into pairs.

Tell each pair to discuss what they read about the three actions for presenting effectively from the One Idea Summary and be ready to talk about what they discussed.

Give them 5-minutes.

After 5-minutes stop them. Ask each pair to tell you what they discussed. Make sure their feedback shows that they know and understand the three actions. If not, use the One Idea Summary to remind them of the three actions.

Next, you will deliver a presentation to them and their task will be to identify which aspects of the three actions you used and how they helped your presentation.

What actions am I using?

Tell them that, you are going to deliver a short presentation, and in the presentation, you will use some aspects of the three actions.

Their aim is to identify which aspects of the three actions you are using and how it helped the presentation.

Use the following script to deliver the presentation. Make sure you don’t deliver it in a way that makes it look like you are directly reading from a script.

  • Hello and welcome to today’s talk.
  • Let me start with a question.
  • How many of you love reality TV shows?
  • If your answer is ‘yes’, please put up your right hand.
  • If it’s ‘No’, keep your hand down.
  • Irrespective of what you feel about reality TV shows, that’s what I’m talking about today.
  • Let me tell you a story. I used to hate reality TV shows. I mean I really hated them (use facial expressions and hand movements to emphasize ‘hate’).
  • But this all changed when I went to visit a friend one day. I will call him Eddie.
  • Eddie is what is a reality TV show addict. When I got to his house guess what he was doing?
  • Of course, watching a reality TV show. I won’t tell you which one.
  • I sat down in one corner with a frown (use facial expression to demonstrate the frown). I was upset because Eddie was more interested in the show than me.
  • Well, after about 5-minutes, I started paying attention to the show too. It suddenly became interesting and I became engrossed.
  • Imagine! Me becoming engrossed in a reality TV show.
  • Anyway, I had a great time with Eddie that day. We had so much fun because, I’m sure you’ve guessed why. We watched a reality TV show together!
  • When I got home that night, I quickly put on my TV, switched my cable TV box on, searched for the reality TV show and pressed the record button for all future episodes of the show.
  • I also downloaded all the back episodes. Then I popped out quickly to get some popcorn for the show.
  • That is how I became a reality TV show fan.
  • So now I am going to give you five effective ways to enjoy reality TV shows.

Now that you’ve finished the presentation, tell each person to speak to someone next to them to identify which aspects of the three actions were in your presentation and how they helped the presentation.

Let them have the discussion for 5-minutes.

When the 5-minutes is up, ask for their answers and listen. Some of what they should have picked up are:

  • Asked a question.
  • Requested for a show of hands to answer the question.
  • Used a story.
  • Injected a bit of humour.
  • Emphasis with appropriate facial expressions.

If they didn’t mention all these then make sure you point this out to them. Also tell them that those actions made the presentation more engaging so that you were less likely to lose them while presenting.

Your turn

Now tell them that, while there is no time for them to present, you are going to get them to write a short script for a presentation using any three things to make the presentation effective from the three actions.

They can choose any topic they want but their script must not exceed 10 sentences.

Give them 10-minutes for the task.

After 10-minutes stop them.

To review the task:

  • Tell them that each person is going to read out their script while everyone else listens.
  • The listeners must try and identify which three things the person incorporated into the presentation from the three actions.
  • Allow each person to read out their script and after each person reads, ask for feedback from the listeners about the three things they identified.
  • You also should take part in listening and identifying the three things.

After they finish reading and giving feedback, appreciate them for doing the activity and tell them that:

  • It really isn’t difficult to incorporate aspects of the three actions into a presentation we want to deliver, even if the presentation is just 5-minutes.
  • We just have to do a bit of planning and ensure that whatever we want to incorporate is possible and relevant to the presentation.

After telling them that move on to review and close the session.


Again, thank them for their participation and review the session by telling them that, during this session, we:

  • Reviewed the three actions for an effective presentation.
  • Identified application of aspects of the three actions from a demo presentation.
  • Wrote a script to include aspects of the three actions in a presentation.

Practice applying aspects of the three actions in different presentations that you do. Even if they are just small presentations because the more you practice, the better you get.

After that end the session.

End the session

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