Summary Lesson From The Blog Startup by Meera Kothhand



What if you could ask three key questions that can help you really proceed with your blog? Three questions that will give you a greater chance of success with your blog. Meera provides us with three such questions. They are:

  1. What will be your primary content channel – the medium you use to build trust and grow your audience?
  2. What will be your primary traffic channel?
  3. How will you build authority and credibility?

Let’s answer these questions and explore how they can support your blog and consequently your side hustle.

What will be your primary content channel – the medium you use to build trust and grow your audience?

This refers to a content channel like a blog, a YouTube channel or a Podcast. While this book focuses on blogging as your content channel you could choose to use video or podcasting. According to Meera:

The primary goal of this content channel will be to attract as many people as possible and build trust with your readers so that you can convert them to subscribers.

The best strategy for this question is to pick a content channel you’re comfortable with. Here’s a fictional example:

Gerry started a niche female shoe side hustle selling platform shoes only on an eBay store. She decided to pick a blog as her first content channel because she’s more comfortable taking photographs of her shoes and writing about them. In the future she plans to add YouTube as a channel but for now she’s focusing on her blog to get her message out.

What will be your primary traffic channel?

This is how you drive traffic to your blog. When you set up a blog to support your side hustle, you need people to read it because those readers can become subscribers who eventually become part of your email list, people you later want to communicate with as your blog grows and about your side hustle.

Meera advises us to pick one main traffic source and a secondary one. Ideally, the primary one will be a social media platform. Examples of traffic sources are, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and niche platforms such as specific trade platforms. You want to pick one of these and pick the right one too, because different platforms cater for different audiences. Meera provides the following information on the best audiences for these platforms.

  • Instagram: best place to reach teens and millennials. 59% of 18 to 29 year olds use Instagram.
  • Facebook: Works in any market. 84% of 30-49 year-olds use Facebook.
  • Pinterest: Marketing primarily to women, focusing on physical products. 45% of women online vs. 17% of men online.
  • YouTube: Involve keyword targeting. Reach predominantly male audiences. 55% of men online vs. 44% of women online.
  • LinkedIn: 45% earn $75K + annual income (more of a network for professionals. Probably not the best platform for a side hustle unless you’re providing a professional, organisational or corporate service. For example, executive coaching).

Your secondary traffic source should feed your primary one. Meera writes that she used guest posting as a primary traffic source and then used Twitter as a secondary source. Her goal with Twitter was to connect with influencers by sharing their work and engaging with them. This allowed her to build some form of relationship before she pitched them a post.

How will you build authority and credibility?

People will patronise your side hustle more if they believe in you and what you offer.

Probably the best way to build authority and credibility is to do stuff for others. Here are some ideas:

  • Review other people’s products and services.
  • Teach people how to do something for free. Run a short virtual session on something helpful.

These are promotional efforts to boost your blog and of course your side hustle so think about things you can do for others that can get you noticed and add to your credibility.

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