Summary Lesson For Side Hustles From 7 Day Startup By Dan Norris



Dan writes about what to do on each of the 7 days to launch a business and though his focus is on larger businesses the principles can be adapted to fit a side hustle. Let’s explore each of these 7 days and how you can launch your side hustle in a week. If you’ve been thinking about a side hustle and done nothing about it, now might be the time to launch out.

Let’s summarise what you will do on each day before we examine them in more detail.

  1. Day 1 – Identify a good idea.
  2. Day 2 – Write down what you will launch on day 7
  3. Day 3 – Choose an appropriate name for your side hustle
  4. Day 4 – Create your online presence.
  5. Day 5 – Identify ways you are going to market your side hustle.
  6. Day 6 – Set target goals to measure your progress and success.
  7. Day 7 – Launch and start executing your marketing plan.

Day 1 – Identify a good idea.

A piece of advice here, please don’t spend weeks obsessing over an idea for your side hustle. Make the choice in one day. After you launch you will be working on it anyway and if it needs to change then, you can do that. So here are some key factors to use for evaluating your side hustle ideas:

  1. Will you enjoy working daily on the tasks to build the idea daily? You must enjoy working on it.
  2. Do you have skills that match the side hustle idea? Don’t launch a side hustle that you don’t have skills or ability to work on.
  3. Does it have potential to grow. Yes, we know it’s a side hustle, but side hustles do grow and who knows, it might become a bigger business. Choose an idea that has growth potential.
  4. Will the idea help you create an asset you can sell without necessarily having to exchange your time physically? We know this is not always possible with a side hustle but if you have the option of choosing a side hustle idea that builds an asset then do so.
  5. Will the idea solve a problem for potential customers? Side hustle ideas that solve a specific problem for people are the best ones.
  6. How easy will it be for you to find customers for your idea? If it is going to be hard, it probably isn’t the best idea.
  7. Can you launch it quickly? You want to launch it in 7 days, if you can’t do that, it’s not the right idea in this situation.

Day 2 – Write down what you will launch

The task here is to build a minimum viable product that you can launch and start selling. It may not be the full product or service, but it should be something that you can immediately start marketing. Here are five tips that can help:

  1. Build what you need and not what you think others need.
  2. Charge from day one.
  3. Don’t try to build the perfect side hustle.
  4. Launch it quick and improve often.
  5. Set the price for the type of customers you want.

Day 3 – Choose a name

Don’t spend days agonising over a name. That is just a distraction and you might probably need to change it later anyway. Here’s a quick framework to help you choose a name:

  • Check whether it’s taken.
  • Make it simple.
  • Make it easy to say out loud.
  • Make sure you like it.
  • Does it make sense for your idea?

Day 4 – Create your online presence.

Create quick a quick web presence for your side hustle. Though there is a suggestion to install your own WordPress site, there are now many other web options that you can use and if you go for the (already installed) option, you can set up a blog in minutes. If you opt for a paid option, you will be able to do a lot more, even to the point of getting marketing tools. The most important action here is get on the web quickly. You can start fine tuning things after you launch on day 7.

Day 5 – Identify ways you are going to market your side hustle.

You may be launching a side hustle but you still need to find ways to market it so customers can get to see what you are offering. Here are four ways you can market your side hustle:

  1. Create content related to it. Starting with a site will allow you to do that conveniently. Create content based around the problem you are trying to solve with your side hustle.
  2. Register with a service like Mailchimp and start sending out emails to potential customers. You can start with their free tier offers.
  3. Do webinars or podcasts about your side hustle.
  4. Do free work if applicable to your side hustle.

Day 6 – Set target goals

What metrics will show you that your side hustle is working? Set goals to collect and measure those metrics so you can gauge how your side hustle is doing after launch. For example, how many customers do you want to get in a month, quarterly or yearly? How much money do you want to earn monthly? Set goals that will help you measure the success of your side hustle?

Day 7 – Launch

Launch and start executing your marketing plan.

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