Summary Lesson from But I’m Not An Expert by Meera Kothand



If you are going to position yourself as an expert then your digital presence has to look good. According to Meera:

A subpar digital presence does nothing to boost your standing as an expert. There are several tiny elements about your digital presence that give people the impression of whether you’re the go-to expert or not.

Here are a couple of those elements that you must give attention to:

  • What do people see when they google you? How do you appear in a google search? Is it clear what you do from the search? Does your website appear at the top of search results in relation to your niche? You need to work on making sure that when you appear in search results, what you do is clear.
  • Can they connect you to your area of expertise? If people click through to your website will they be able to tell what you do, what problem you solve and why they should choose you?
  • Do all your social media accounts have the same branded look and feel? This means you must communicate a single brand identity on every channel of communication and connection with your audience.
  • Can they put a face to the name? Put an image of yourself on your social media accounts so people can see who you are.
  • Do you have a professional email address? Use a custom email address that includes your domain name.
  • Can they find your business Facebook page through your personal profile? If you’re using Facebook, then people should be able to find out about your business from your profile page.

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