Over the next couple of weeks I will focusing my book reviews and lesson from books on specific aspects of building a side hustle. I am starting with the subject of authorpreneurship and learning from the books of Joanna Penn.

Joanna Penn is an accomplished self-published author in both the fiction and non-fiction space who has been able to create a six figure income from her writing ventures. She also acts as a great guide to those interested in become succesful writers and making a living from it. She has a lot of great resources on her website at She also hosts a weekly podcast called The Creative Penn Podcast. Following is a description of her podcast:

Podcast episodes are posted every Monday and include interviews, inspiration and information on writing and creativity, publishing options, book marketing and creative entrepreneurship.

I will be reading and reviewing these books from Joanna Penn so look out for the posts of my reviews and lessons from them in the coming weeks:

  1. Successful self-publishing
  2. How to market a book
  3. The successful author mindset
  4. Your author business plan
  5. How to make a living with your writing
  6. Your author business plan
  7. The successful author mindset
  8. Productivity for authors
  9. How to write non-fiction

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