Hello I’m Bola and welcome to my blog, LearnaBytes. My goal with this blog is to use it to curate, review and summarise learning and development ideas from non-fiction books. Each week I will review a book, summarise one idea from it and also write a group session using the one idea i summarised from the book.

The non-fiction books I concentrate on fall into three main categories which are:

  1. Entrepreneurship (mostly for small startups and side hustles)
  2. Leadership and management
  3. Personal development

Future ideas I am working on are:

  • Triple Lessons – A library of book summaries with three key lessons from the books I cover each week.
  • Trainabytes – A library of bite-sized group sessions created from the books similar to the One Idea Group Sessions but in a bit more detail.
  • 90-Minutes – Learning presentations which can be used to design, develop and deliver short face-to-face and virtual training sessions to team leaders and managers of small teams.

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