Book Review – Bank of Dave by Dave Fishwick

Bank of DaveIntroduction

How does a person with no banking experience or qualifications go about setting up his own bank? That’s partly what this book is about. Dave Fishwick, the author explains his attempt to take on the banks by creating a much smaller, but better bank. This is a book I had seen on the bookshelves and thought, oh no, not another one of them self promo books, but I’m glad  I decided to read it because it was very enlighthening. Written in straight forward language, Dave goes a long way in explaining the banking system and how it has failed in layman terms. He also writes about his view of business which I found refreshing. Continue reading

Book Review – Strong Woman – Ambition, Grit and a Great Pair of Heels By Karren Brady

Strong Woman By Karen BradyIntroduction

If you have recently watched the UK’s version of the business reality TV programme, Apprentice or follow England’s football premier league then Karren Brady shouldn’t be a strange name to you. Known as football’s first lady and Alan Sugar’s right hand woman in The Apprentice, Karren is one of those women in high places who gets the public’s attention, at least for reasonable reasons. In this book she has written what I would refer to as part biography, part rant, part business and everything in between. If you have wanted to learn a bit more about who karren Brady is and where she came from then this book will certainly help, but be warned it does not go into any detail about her family life, growth in business or any other aspect of her life, but does cover a lot of ground. What the book does do though is give you an insight into the type of person Karren is and her background. I found it very interesting to read and I like Karren’s straight to the point, honest way of talking expressed in her writing. I think she gets on with Alan Sugar (which she mentioned in the book) because just like him, she is very straightforward at saying what she really thinks.
Continue reading

Book Review – Bold As Brass By Hilary Devey

Hilary DeveyA couple of years ago I fell in love with reading business biographies, went out and bought about 30 of  them then got bored of reading them. Just this week I picked up Hilary Devey’s autobiography titled, Bold As Brass and remembered why I fell in love with reading business biography’s in the first place. For those who don’t know Hilary, she became popular after appearing on the reality TV shows, Undercover Millionaire and Dragons Den. She is the founder of Pall-Ex, the UK’s number one palletized freight distribution network with an annual turnover of about £100 million.

But Hilary’s autobiography is no ordinary one. It’s not about money, to be precise I will say it’s not about her money at all. I’ve read a couple with the entrepreneur almost singing their praise and how great they are at making money. This is not something that Hilary does in the book. The book has 341 pages and 24 chapters and Hilary does not talk about the business that made her a fortune until page 186, chapter 13, more than half way through the book. Continue reading