Book Review – How To Do Motivational Interviewing by Bill Matulich

How to do MIMotivational Interviewing is not a phrase many people would have heard of, except you work in some form of health care role. Motivational interviewing or MI is an effective, evidence -based counselling approach applicable to a wide wide range of psychological, behavioral and physical health issues. For example a medical doctor might use it as an approach to support a person whom they feel should stop smoking or change their eating habits because they’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. How to do Motivational Interviewing by Bill Matulich is a short eBook which attempts to explain MI is plain language, that is easy to understand and in my opinion Matulich succeeds in doing just that. Continue reading

The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier

Coaching habitThe Coaching Habit was written by Michael Bungay Stanier. The book aims to help people develop coaching as a habit by teaching seven easy to ask questions to get a coaching conversation going.

The book also has tips on how to build new habits. The seven questions discussed are:

  1. The Kickstart question which is for starting a conversation.
  2. The AWE question which is for identifying options to discuss after asking the Kickstart AWE stands for “And What Else?”
  3. The Focus question which is about identifying the most important thing to focus the conversation on.
  4. The Foundation question is to find out what a person wants.
  5. The Lazy question is used to find out how you can be of help to a person.
  6. The Strategic question helps to identify issues that may be overwhelming a person.
  7. The Learning question is used to conclude a conversation.

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Book Review – The Power of a Positive NO by William Ury

untitledThe Power of a Positive No, by William Ury is a book that deals with an aspect of life that most of us face almost on a daily basis, how to say no to people confidently. It is amazing that a book covering 257 pages can be written about how to say a single word, but those 257 pages are needed. So if you struggle with saying no to certain requests then this book is for you. The book is divided into three parts titled:

  1. Prepare
  2. Deliver
  3. Follow through

Each of these sections has three chapters, adding up to nine chapters in total. The first part of the book, Prepare, will help you to prepare to say no by first saying yes to yourself. It advices us to uncover our yes by identifying why we need to say no in the first place. It also shows us how to prepare confidently to say no with conviction. Continue reading

Book Review – Thanks For The Feedback By Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen

Thanks For The FeedbackIntroduction

Are you great at feedback? As a learning and development practitioner you probably are (or at least think you are). I did until I started reading Thanks For The Feedback by Douglas Stone and Sheila Stone who previously wrote a book titled Difficult Conversations – How To Discuss What Matters Most. This book flips the focus on feedback to the receiver instead of the giver, hence the subtitle: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well.

The book which is from the Harvard Negotiation Project offers frameworks and tools to help people deal with feedback more effectively. The book is on the sizable side with 13 chapters and 348 pages and is an amusing one to read. Continue reading