Learning Points From Teach Yourself To Think

Teach yourself to thinkPreviously I posted a book review for How To Teach Yourself To Think. I learnt a couple of things from reading the book. Here I share one of the key lessons I learnt. You can read the book review here.

How to generate possible solutions for a problem

Teach Yourself To Think introduces a five stage framework for structuring our thinking process towards finding solutions and solving problems. The five stages of the framework are: Continue reading

Book Review – Lean Startup By Eric Ries

Lean StartupIf you follow the technology startup scene or you are part of a company that is always looking out for the latest thing around innovation then you should have heard of the term lean startup.  The Lean Startup written by Eric Ries in 2011 helped popularize the concept and explain the principles involved in developing businesses, products and services the lean startup way. Eric Ries is an entrepreneur who had been involved in starting companies that failed and succeeded, but his learning for lean startup came from his success rather than failure. Continue reading

Book Review – Frugal InnovationBy Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu

Frugal InnovationFrugal innovation according to Radjou and Prabhu is the ability to do more with less, they define it as – to create significantly more business and social value while minimising the use of diminishing resources such as energy, capital and time. This book based on research carried out by the two authors across the US, Europe and Japan is based on the premise that in a world that is becoming more and more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) organisations can no more do business as usual because while the resources available to deliver high quality services and products are diminishing, the rate at which things change is so rapid that no more can organisations spend inordinate amount of time bringing new products and services to market. Continue reading