My One Idea From Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

six-thinking-hatsEven though the Six Thinking Hats has six hats you can use to facilitate thinking during a session, you don’t necessarily have to use all of them during a session (you can read my review of the Six Thinking Hats here). You can choose to use the hats that are relevant to the topic on discussion. So supposing you are running a meeting and discussing a topic that people have a lot of strong feelings about. For example a new work process, shift work pattern or loss of a benefit, how can you get people to discuss their feelings without it turning into world war III? Continue reading

My One Idea from Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo

talk-like-tedThis is a book super-packed with ideas when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills (see my review of the book here), and I could have shared numerous ideas, but my goal is to focus on just one. I did cheat though as I collapsed three ideas into one, which I have titled as: How to improve your presentations with three actions. The three actions ate briefly discussed below. Continue reading

Idea From Dealing With Difficult People By Roy Lilley

Difficult people

Previously I reviewed Dealing With Difficult People by Roy Lilley. You can read the review here. Since I can’t remember everything I read in a book I have resorted to curating at least one idea from each book I read so that I can go back to it when I need to and apply it to my life when necessary. My one idea from this book is around, how to recognize different types of difficult people. The book outlines seven types of difficult people that you may come across in your work life or outside work. Here they are:

Continue reading