Learning Points From Teach Yourself To Think

Teach yourself to thinkPreviously I posted a book review for How To Teach Yourself To Think. I learnt a couple of things from reading the book. Here I share one of the key lessons I learnt. You can read the book review here.

How to generate possible solutions for a problem

Teach Yourself To Think introduces a five stage framework for structuring our thinking process towards finding solutions and solving problems. The five stages of the framework are: Continue reading

Learning Points from Successful Networking in 7 Simple Steps to by Clare Dignall

7 stepsYou can read my review of the book here, but these are two quick lessons I learnt from reading it.

How can I begin to use social media much better?

Networking via social media is something that has become common place, but being able to use it properly is important. Here are some actions that can help to improve your online networking: Continue reading