Brand story

How to write your brand story by Susan Payton is a short book that expresses the importance of using stories to build a business brand. Even if you are running a small side hustle you can still use stories to strengthen your own personal business brand. In this book Susan uses the stories of five businesses to illustrate how effective stories can be to building brands. She uses the stories of:

Innocent the drinks company founded by three university friends. They started with very little and built a strong brand that became well known. This is used to illustrate the idea of having a business idea, overcoming challenges and finally succeeding.

Gandys which was founded by two brothers who lost their parents family to a Tsunami in Sri Lanka. They started their business to give back to the Sri Lankans who helped them get back home to the UK after the loss of their parents. Their story shows how they overcame a personal tragedy to create a successful business that now gives back to the community.

Leaner Stronger You, a business started by Jenny Nim, a health and fitness coach. Based on her experience, she wants to make health and fitness easy to understand and save people from all the misinformation that the industry feeds to people. She wants to help as many people as possible by making things simple. Continue reading

Book Review – The Profitable Content System by Meera Kothand

Content systemThe Profitable Content System is another one of those books that promises to teach you how to get the best value from your content. In this case, how you can create content that can help you generate sales but it’s not a book with shortcuts. I have reviewed other books by Meera Kothand (you can read them here and here) and she is not one to promise you overnight success. The book is sub-titled, The Entrepreneur’s guide to creating wildly profitable content without burnout, no doubt an attractive title but let’s see what the book focuses on by reading through the table of contents.

The book is divided into three main sections and I’ve outlined each section below with the chapters they contain.


Chapter 1 – The Stage x10 Framework

Meera describes the stage x10 framework in this part of the book which is a framework to help you identify or understand the different stages of potential buyers and what you can do to engage them. The framework is divided into three parts as follows: Continue reading