Book Review – Poke That Box By Seth Godin

Poke the boxThere are books that you read which end up leaving an indelible impression on you, for me this is one of those books. Poke the box, is a very small book which you can go through in one sitting.To me it almost doesn’t feel  like a book, because it has no chapters or sections. It’s a bunch of the author’s thoughts collected together, but they are inspiring and challenging. This is not an intellectually challenging book, you are not going to learn anything new from reading it, but you will be called to act.

The author, Seth Godin, uses this as a manifesto to encourage people to become initiators, he believes we should all start things.
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Book Review – The Power of Less by Leo Babauta

The Power of LessThere are books you read that leave you with an indelible experience, for me this is one of those books. The book does not contain anything I have not read about before, but I’ve read this book at a time when I needed to take a hard look at the principles discussed by the author and think seriously about how to inculcate some of them into my own life. The Power of Less is a simple yet profound book that advices us on how to do less, yet achieve more. It is a book which encourages us to focus on the essentials while getting rid of the unnecessary. No doubt the author is writing from a personal experience and I even visited his blog to learn more about him and his philosophy. Leo Babauta centres the book around six core principles: set limitations, choose the essential, simplify, focus, create habits and start small.

These concepts are repeated over and over again throughout the book as the author deals with day to day issues such as time management, projects, e-mail, internet and filing. The book which has 18 short chapters is separated into two parts. In just 170 pages, this book packs a punch which can help us to make some life changes and so earns a 4.5 out of 5 rating from me. Following is a brief review of the book

Part 1 – The Principles: In this part of the book Babauta introduces the six principles that the book is based on. Following is a brief description of the six principles: Continue reading

Book Review – Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris

Tribe of mentorsI bought the Tribe of Mentors for myself as a gift, just to read something totally different from what I was currently reading and I didn’t regret it. I had never actually read any of Tim’s books before and I really enjoyed this one. The book is a chronicle of responses from a couple of questions Tim had asked a number of people successful in diverse fields ranging from business, entertainment, mysic and sport such as Craig Newmark of Craig’s List,  Steven Pinker, a psychology professor at Harvard, Whitney Cummings Co-Creator of CBS comedy, Two Broke Girls, Rick Rubin, a producer who’s worked with the likes of  Johnny Cash, Jay-z, Sheryl Crow and Shakira, and Ryan Shea, Co-Creator of BlockShack, a new decentralized internet where users control their data. While the response for each person is brief, they are really insightful. To say I have learnt a lot from this book is an understatement.  Continue reading

Book Review – Express Yourself by David Bonham – Carter

Express yourselfExpress Yourself by David Bonham – Carter is a book that focuses on assertiveness. It is also described as a ‘practical guide to assertiveness’. There are four major parts in the book:

  • An introduction which describes what assertiveness is, it’s benefits, non-assertive behaviour and the problems associated with it, and a summary  on how to use the main content in the book to build your assertiveness.
  • Section 1 titled, ‘Assertiveness Basics’ with three chapters.
  • Section 2 titled, ‘Changing Non-Assertive Behaviour’ which has 3 chapters and conclusion focused on helping people create their own assertiveness plan.
  • The fourth part of the book contains some extra information in appendices and additional resources.

Following is a brief review of each part of the book.


I don’t usually include introduction sections as part of my reviews but this introduction contains enough useful information to warrant a review. While the introduction is about introducing the reader to the book, it goes further than that by defining what assertiveness is and two of the descriptions it gives for assertiveness are: Continue reading