One Idea Group Session from Giving Presentations by Nick Morgan



This resource will help you facilitate a short group session to help a group learn from the One Idea Summary on Three Actions for Presenting Effectively.


  • Be able to list and describe the three actions for effective presenting.
  • Identify what steps they can take to improve their presentations.


Send a copy of the One Idea Summary on Three Actions for Presenting Effectively to the participants one week before the session. They are to read it before the session and bring it with them.


Introduce the session

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objectives with them.

Review the three actions.

Split them into pairs.

Tell each pair to discuss what they read about the three actions for presenting effectively from the One Idea Summary and be ready to talk about what they discussed. Continue reading

Book Review – Giving Presentations by Nick Morgan

Giving PresentationsGiving Presentations by Nick Morgan is another of the books in the Harvard Business School Press Pocket Mentor. While this series of books were mainly written for management development, the advice in them is useful for anyone whether you are a manager or not. As is the custom with the series, the book is divided into two parts. The first part contains the main content of the book while the second section provides some extra resources that compliment the main content.

According to the author, the aim of the book regarding delivering presentations is to help us with:

  • Knowing the audience
  • Customizing our message
  • Engaging the audience
  • Managing questions properly
  • Overcoming presentation fears
  • Rehearsing effectively

Following is a quick review of each part of the book.


All About Presentations

Here we are introduced to why managers use presentations and the different types of presentations. For instance, managers may use presentations to persuade listeners to do something, convey information and engage people in problem solving.

The different types of presentations described are:

  • Sales
  • Product demonstration
  • Persuasion
  • Status report
  • Business plan or strategy

Some information is also given about the importance of tailoring a presentation to:

  • Size of the audience
  • Formality of the situation
  • Regularity of the meeting
  • Time of day and what the occasion is about

First Things First

What should you do first when you need to give a presentation? Logically you should prepare and that’s what this part of the book discusses. Three preparation actions are discussed which are: Continue reading

Quotes from Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo

talk-like-tedFrom each book I go through I always likje to curate ten quotes and this book does have some really useful quotes related to the books main theme (you can read a review of the book here and a lesson I curated from the book here). Here are my ten quotes from the book:

  1. Passion is the thing that will help you create the greatest expression of your talent – Larry Smith
  2. The great truths of the world have often been couched in fascinating stories – Dale Carnegie
  3. Practice relentlessly and internalize your content so that you can deliver the presentation ad vcomforysnly as having a conversation with a close friend – Carmine Gallo
  4. Only through seeing your own world through a fresh lens will you be able to hive your audience s new way of looking at their world – Carmine Gallo
  5. The brain remembers the emotional components of an experience better than any other aspect – John Medina
  6. The brain also loves humour. Combine humour and novelty and you’ve got presentation gold – Carmine Gallo
  7. Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex. It takes courage to move in the opposite direction – E.F. Schumacher
  8. It is better to present an explanation in words and pictures than solely in words – DR. Richard Mayer
  9. You can learn from others and how they achieved success in public speaking, but you’ll never make a lasting impression unless you leave your own mark – Carmine Gallo
  10. Please keep this in mind. When you deliver s presentation, your goal should not be to ‘deliver a presentation.’ It should be to inspire your audience, yo move them, and emcouragenthem to dream bigger – Carmine Gallo

My One Idea from Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo

talk-like-tedThis is a book super-packed with ideas when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills (see my review of the book here), and I could have shared numerous ideas, but my goal is to focus on just one. I did cheat though as I collapsed three ideas into one, which I have titled as: How to improve your presentations with three actions. The three actions ate briefly discussed below. Continue reading