Book Review – Presentation Basics By Robert J. Rosania

Presentation BasicsIntroduction

Presentation Basics written by Robert J. Rosania is part of the ASTDs training basic series which attempts to demystify seemingly scary topics into easy bite-sized lessons so that anyone can “get it”. This book is written for new presenters and can also be used by experienced presenters to refresh their presentation skills. According to the author you should use this book if you are a:

  • Subject matter expert asked to share your knowledge about a new product line with your colleagues.
  • Team leader responsible for training team members to implement a new work process.
  • Novice training practitioner about to introduce a training module to improve performance.
  • New manager asked to share your plans for a division.
  • Beginning salesperson looking to influence organizational decision makers.

The ASTD training basic series have a set out structure with recognizable colours and layouts. So it comes as no surprise that the book has an attractive and colourful looking cover and a well structured layout with guiding icons, tables, diagrams, comment boxes with tips and worksheet exercises at the end of every chapter apart from the first and last ones. In my opinion this is an easy book to read and that is helped by it just being 131 pages long. The book is not just for potential presenters, but those involved in delivering classroom training. And dare I say those involved in virtual presentations online can learn a thing or two from it too. Continue reading