Book Review – The Start Up Kit by Emma Jones

Start up kitThe Start Up Kit by Emma Jones subtitled, Everything you need to start a small business, is a book that aims to give you the information you need to start your own business. Emma Jones, the author, is no stranger to the world of business and start ups. She is the founder of the small business network, Enterprise Nation ( and has written other books that have to do with entrepreneurship.

This is not a big book, it has just 141 pages and it consists of three main sections. Each section contains a number of chapters and these have been outlined below.


1 – Coming up with an idea: Questions you can ask and answer to come up with a business idea include:

  • Is there a gap in the market that I can fill?
  • What is my passion/hobby/skill?
  • Is there something someone else is doing that I can do better myself?

Here are some possible business ideas:

  • Blogger
  • Vlogger
  • Social media adviser
  • Online store owner
  • Giftware maker
  • Giftware seller
  • Artisan
  • Cupcake maker
  • Cosmetic producer
  • Hair and make-up artist
  • Party organiser

2 – Research the market: Once you have your idea, turning it into a business requires some research followed by turning that research into a plan. Here are some questions your research should answer: Continue reading

Book Review – The Joy of Imperfection by Damon Zahariades

Joy of imperfectionThis book subtiteld, 18 simple steps to silencing your inner critic, overpowering perfectionism and embracing your imperfect life, is another book waging a mental war against the mindset of perfectionism. The author, Damon Zahariades, confesses that he is a recovering perfectionist so this book is both a combination of his life experience and how he has learnt to overcome the perfectionist mindset.

The book is divided into three distinct parts but before that Damon tells us why perfectionism is a recipe for unhappiness and part of his story. He also describes the different types of perectionism which are:

  • Adaptive perfectionism: endeavouring to meet high standards, but recognising that true perfection is an unreasonable expectation. Adaptive perfectionists are driven by the satisfaction they experience when they apply extreme effort toward accomplishing their goals.
  • Maladaptive perfectionism: striving to meet unrealistic goals, and expecting to accomplish them every time. Maladaptive perfectionists aggressively maintain unreasonbly high standards and are highly critical of themselves when they fail to meet them. According to Damon, this type of perfectionism is universally considered unhealthy. All experts agree on this point. It is this type of harmful perfectionism that Damon deals with in this book.

He also briefly discusses some subtypes of perfectionism which are: Continue reading

The Practice by Seth Godin

About a week or so ago I posted a link to a video from Seth Godin titled, Find Your Who (you can access the post here). I’m posting another link titled ‘The Practice’ which is actually the titled of his latest book. After listening to the video I did buy the book and I am currently reading it. While I am not making a plug for the book, i want to say that if you are trying to build something and you are worried about people’s opinion about what you’re building, then I think you should read the book. Of course when I finish reading I will write about some of the lessons I got from the book here but please take the time to watch this video, you will learn something. Click on the image below to open the video on YouTube.

The Practice