One Idea Group Session from Express Yourself



This resource will help you facilitate a short session to help a group learn from the One Idea Summary on Your Four Rights and Responsibilities.


  • Be able to describe what the four rights and responsibilities are.
  • Discuss personal applications of the four rights and responsibilities.


Send a copy of the One Idea Summary on Your Four Rights and Responsibilities to the participants one week before the session. They are to read it before coming to the session and bring it with them.


Introduce the session

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objectives with them. Continue reading

Book Review – Express Yourself by David Bonham – Carter

Express yourselfExpress Yourself by David Bonham – Carter is a book that focuses on assertiveness. It is also described as a ‘practical guide to assertiveness’. There are four major parts in the book:

  • An introduction which describes what assertiveness is, it’s benefits, non-assertive behaviour and the problems associated with it, and a summary  on how to use the main content in the book to build your assertiveness.
  • Section 1 titled, ‘Assertiveness Basics’ with three chapters.
  • Section 2 titled, ‘Changing Non-Assertive Behaviour’ which has 3 chapters and conclusion focused on helping people create their own assertiveness plan.
  • The fourth part of the book contains some extra information in appendices and additional resources.

Following is a brief review of each part of the book.


I don’t usually include introduction sections as part of my reviews but this introduction contains enough useful information to warrant a review. While the introduction is about introducing the reader to the book, it goes further than that by defining what assertiveness is and two of the descriptions it gives for assertiveness are: Continue reading

Book Review – Assertiveness: How to be strong in every situation

Assertiveness - How To Be Strong In Every SituationConrad and Suzanne Potts in writing this book are attempting to make us all more assertive (if you are not already an assertive person). Assertive: How to be strong in every situation, is a book that will help us understand what assertive behaviour is, how we are behaving if we are not assertive and ways we can develop more assertive behaviour. With 224 pages of reading content and 11 chapters, the book is divided into two parts. Part one concentrates on helping us understand what assertive behaviour is, how people develop non-assertive behaviour and an introduction to assertive communication.

Part two is more practical as it describes how to be assertive in some very specific situations. Following is a top-level review of each chapter in the book.


Chapter 1 – What is assertion? Continue reading