Book Review – The Female Entrepreneur by Charly Lester and Caroline Brealey

The Female EntrepreneurThe Female Entrepreneur subtitled, a step-by-step guide to the adventure  that is starting your own business was written by two successful entrepreneurs in the dating industry, Charly Lester and Caroline Brealey. This book written to women everywhere to challenge them to see entrepreneurship as an option was written by two women who truly have the experience of what it means not only to start a business but also preside over businesses that are successful.

The book is split into seven sections which are:


In which Carly and Caroline tell their business stories and explain why they wrote the book. They also discuss:

  • Why they wrote the book for just female entrepreneurs
  • The different types of entrepreneurs
  • Why it’s important to work for yourself
  • The qualities you need to work for yourself
  • The steps necessary to become an entrepreneur


The name of this section makes it obvious about what if focuses on. In this section of the book you will read about coming up with an initial idea, researching the market, identifying a target niche, writing a business plan, skilling up, co-founders and dealing with doubts. Continue reading