Book Review – The $100 Startup By Chris Gullebeau

$100 StartupOkay the name of this book might sound a little cheesy, like one of those books that promises to get you rich with little money in 24 hours. Far from it, Chris Guillebeau has written a book based on his experience and that of others on how to start a business without breaking the bank using your skills, passion and a legitimate need. This is not the stuff where you need to get investors onboard, rather it’s about business based out of necessity. Okay you can take the $100 with a pinch of salt, it’s more of a title to emphasize Chris’s view that you don’t need tons of dollars to start a business. Also he is trying to make a point that, you no longer need to work nine-to-five for a big company to make a living. According to Chris, the book will help you learn how to: Continue reading