Book Review – Innocent, our story & somethings we’ve learned.


I have read a couple of business biographies and this is one of the most enjoyable ones. Written by the founders of the healthy food company, Innocent, it is all about the business,how it started, grew and what it stands for. And no, you won’t learn about their mum, dad, how much sport they played or their dog called Andy. More to the point this book is all about Innocent as a business and perhaps you will learn one or two lessons about starting a business. If I were to recommend books about learning to start a business, this one would definitely make the list. The book itself is an easy one to read because it is very attractive and easy on the eyes, littered with very interesting images and pictures. Also it’s not a bulky book with just 201 pages. It is structured into ten chapters, each one focusing on a key aspect of the company. I checked Amazon uk for views about the book. After 25 reviews it had a 4.5 rating, not bad. Some criticism aimed at the book is it does not contain enough details about the operations of the business. Others also felt the book was just a marketing spin. But all that in no way takes away from the quality of the book.

Following is a review of each chapter in the book. Continue reading

Book Review – The 7 Day Startup By Dan Norris

7 day start upThe title of this book makes you wonder weather it is one of those books written by someone who’s written a book to get people’s attention and sell a couple of copies, but The 7 Day Startup written by Dan is truly a book in which he launched a startup in 7 days and now wants to teach us how he did it in this book. While this book has 7 chapters, don’t expect a chapter to be dedicated to each day of the startup journey, Rather Dan Norris covers all the days in just one chapter and then rants about a lot of things related to a startup. Let’s look at what each chapter covers very briefly.


Dan discusses four things in this chapter and they act as a good way to set the scene for what he will discuss later. He writes about his first business idea, a really great one at the time. Unfortunately it only went as far as a school project. Dan never launched. Next he writes about his first business building websites for people. He did launch this one and make enough but not enough considering the effort going into it. He solf the business and launched into a startup building an analytics dashboard. He made even less money than his first business and was at the point of giving up when walked into the idea that became his 7-day startup because he launched it in 7 days not because he planned it that but due to necessaity to get something out quick or give up totally on business. Continue reading

Book Review – Lean Startup By Eric Ries

Lean StartupIf you follow the technology startup scene or you are part of a company that is always looking out for the latest thing around innovation then you should have heard of the term lean startup.  The Lean Startup written by Eric Ries in 2011 helped popularize the concept and explain the principles involved in developing businesses, products and services the lean startup way. Eric Ries is an entrepreneur who had been involved in starting companies that failed and succeeded, but his learning for lean startup came from his success rather than failure. Continue reading