Book Review – Keep It Real by Gem Wilson

Keep it realKeep It  Real by Gem Wilson is a great book for those building side hustles and soloprenuers. It is Gem’s story of building her energy gel business called VALA which she launched in June 2020. Don’t be fooled by that, Gem had been working on the business for over two years. In the book she shares the tools she used to build up ther business up till she launched it. Gem describe the book as:

A no-nonsense guide for solopreneurs starting their first business. Includes actionable step-by-step advice and mindset tips.

The book is structured into an Introduction section and 11 chapters. This is not a big book, it has just 80 pages, so you can read it in just over an hour. Each chapter in the book concentrates on an aspect of starting your business and tasks for you to do to move you towards building your business.

Folloing is a quick review of each chapter.


The ligh bulb moments is that time when you suddenly get an idea that can potentially become a business. For Gem it happened when she realised that the energy gels that athletes used was full of artificial ingredients. She got to know this because her partner is a runner who consumes energy gels. Gem’s idea was to build a gel with natural ingredients so she started researching the idea while still doing a full time job. Gem found that there was a gap in the market for such a gel. She also discovered that people who wanted energy gels made with natural ingredients had to make their’s at home. Continue reading