Book Review – How To Be An Imperfectionist by Stephen Guise

ImperfectionPerfection is regarding anything short of perfection as unacceptable. Unfortunately that mindset can render us unproductive where we don’t take chances or we procrastinate but when we recognise that doing things and taking action even when the situation is imperfect is okay, our lives can move forward.

Summarily Stephen Guise in this book is challenging us to choose imprecfection over perfection and then keep moving forward. He writes that:

Perfection makes you stay at home, not take chances and procrastinate on projects, it makes you think your life is worse than it is, it keeps you from being yourself

What about imperfection? According to Stephen:

Imperfection isn’t bad either – by definition, it’s freedom.

In the book’s preface, Stephen introduces us to the concept of mini-habits (he previously wrote a best selling book on the subject). A mini-habit as defined by Stephen is when you: Continue reading