One Summary Lesson from She Creates The Way by Jessica Debry



Starting a side hustle is not just about the actions needed to create the product or service to sell. It starts with the right mindset. If you are going to be combining your 9-5 job with building a side hustle and for some people, raising a family at the same time, you will need the right kind of mindset to scale all these hurdles.

Four mindsets you will need to develop are those of:

  • Deal with your fears
  • Learn on the go
  • Don’t run away from failure
  • Be Courageous

Let’s explore each of these.

Dealing with your fears

Fear is a fact of life. It is a legitimate feeling we all experience but it can also become one of the biggest hurdles to building your side hustle. When Jessica overcame a lifelong fear of indoor cycling, she learnt one thing about fear. It can be an illusion that is just a: Continue reading

Book Review – She Creates The Way by Jessica Debry

She creates the wayShe Creates The Way by Jessica Debry was written for women who want to start their own business but are struggling in some form. Jessica writes this book partly from her own own experience of starting a side hustle while still working a 9-5 job before transitioning full time in to business. Her encouragement for women is to start building their dream and learn on the go and not wait for an ideal time when all things will be in place to start.

The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 focuses on seven crucial lessons which act as the mental foundation needed for the right mindset to build a business. Part 2 deals with the practical steps for starting and growing a business. Altogether the book has 14 chapters. In the following sections I have briefly reviewed each chapter. Continue reading