Book Review – The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson

The Entrepreneur MindThe Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson is a book full of ideas. The book has 7 chapters which cover 100 mindsets of an entrepreneur from Kevin’s point of view. These chapters are better seen as sections rather than mere chapters. According to Kevin in introducing the book, he writes that:

To be an entrepreneur is to think differently. While most people seek refuge, entrepreneurs take risks. They don’t want a job; they want to create jobs. Their goal isn’t to think outside the box as much as it is to own the box. Entrepreneurs don’t follow the market; they define the market. This bold and seemingly backward way of thinking I refer to as the Entrepreneur’s Mind.

Kevin’s aim with this book is to teach us how to develop the entrepreneur mindset. He wants to teach us from his own entrepreneurial experience how to avoid some of the mistakes he made while at the same time learning how to become a successful entrepreneurs. Continue reading