Book Review – First-Time Entrepreneur By Kirsty Knight

First Time EntrepreneurIf you are looking to read a practical book about starting a business then this is the book for you. First-Time Entrepreneur by Kirsty Knight outlines what is involved in starting a business and being an entrepreneur from Kirsty’s point of view. In the book’s introduction, Kirsty writes about how her mindset prevented her from seeing herself as a true entrepreneur despite being self-employed and now that she runs a small profitable business she wants to help us start a business and avoid some of the mistakes she made.

This book has just 120 pages, six chapters, an introduction, conclusion and next steps session. Following is a brief review of each chapter.


Chapter 1 introduces how Kirsty started her business, discussing the type of business she launched with her partner, how she got of the ground and some of the initial challenges she faced. She also explores the advantages and disadvantages of having your own business. Continue reading