Book Review – Pivot and Grow By Andrew Priestley

Pivot and growPivot and Grow by Andrew Priestley is a compilation of insights from different writers, 20 in all including Andrew who wrote the last chapter. This is a book full of insight and my review won’t do it little justice. In fact I am publishing it with the review not completed yet and as I add more information daily you will be able to read it. This book was written for the world in which we are currently living, the world of the pandemic, and even though it is written for larger businesses, those of us interested in side hustles can learn a thing or two from it. At the end of the review I will write out a summary of my top three lessons from the book but you will have to wait for that. In the meantime, here’s my review so far. As this is not your usual book, my review consists mainly of personal insights from each writer.


Nikie starts out this chapter by telling us that being aware of ourselves and who we are is important, so taking the time to learn about ourselves especially if we are aware of the fact that our thoughts can create our reality is crucial. Continue reading