Book Review – Business Marketing Secrets by Robin Waite

Business marketing secretsLast week I reviewed, Take your shot by Robin Waite (you can read the review here). This week I am reviewing another book by him titled, Business Marketing Secrets. This is a small book with under 80 pages but nonetheless, has some information we can learn from in the area of marketing. The book focuses on seven biggest marketing secrets which I have briefly reviewed below.


Your website, YouTube videos, Instagram, blogging, networking, Twitter and the like are not marketing. They are simply tools you use for marketing.

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Book Review – Take Your Shot by Robin Waite

Take your shotIf you like stories them you will enjoy this book which tells the story of Russ, who runs a golf coaching business and David who buys coaching lessons from Russ but ends up coaching him on how to improve his business. This is an easy book to read and it’s short too. On my Kindle it adds up to just 106 pages but it holds some very valuable lessons. While Russ runs his own business, he is struggling to hold everything together. He has  young children, a wife, bills to pay and a business that is not generating nearly enough money.

Russ met  David on a dreary morning when one of his clients had cancelled. They got talking and he found out David is a business coach who trains people using a toolkit which focuses on product architecture, pricing and value propositions. From David’s perspective that means he helps people build products their customers like, build more value into those products to sell them at higher prices and also help people spend more time with prospective clients. According to David he helps entrepreneurs develop the right kind of mindset. Continue reading