Book Review – Self Discipline: A How-To Guide to Stop Procrastination and Achieve Your Goals in 10 Steps by Gemma Ray

Self Discipline by Gemma RayOkay is this yet another book about self-discipline and actions you need to take to be more productive? Yes it is but this book has a practical approach and if you are interested in building a side hustle then some of the advice here will help because the author, Gemma wrote it mostly from her own experience of learning to be self-disciplined. It is clear that if you are going to build a side hustle with everything else going on in your life then you definitely need to be self-disciplined. People with no self-discipline talk a lot about their plans to do things but never get around to doing anything about it because they lack self discipline.

This book is divided into two parts. The first part introduces us to the concept of self-discipline and the second part discusses how to set SMART goals, a core part of self-discipline, and there are also details of ten steps that can help us build self-discipline and let me add, that can help us launch and build that side hustle. I’m sure most of you have heard of SMART goals, I suggest to you that the treatment of SMART goals in this book is very helpful, probably the best I’ve seen and I’ve been reading about SMART goals for over 15 years. Following is a brief review of the book. Continue reading