Side Hustle Tool from 20 Simple Shortcuts Small Business Success by Kelly Exeter

When we start thinking about building side hustles, we need to always remember the type of committment it can take and changes we may need to make in our lives. From reading Kelly’s book, I created a checklist of 18 things to reflect on which may require me to do things differently. You should read and reflect on them too and see if any of them resonate with you as you build your side hustle. The actions in the checklist which I call ‘My 3 By 6’ Check’ are meant to make you more prepared for building your side hustle.


My 3 By 6 Check

You can access a printable copy that you can also complete onscreen here –  My 3 By 6 Check.

Book Review – 20 Simple Shortcuts To Small Business Success By Kelly Exeter

sHORTCUTS20 Simple shortcuts to small business success by Kelly Exeter shows that building a small successful business is more than doing all the normal things we usually read about when it comes to setting up a small business. Kelly gives us 20 shortcuts that can be helpful to us all. Following is a brief review of each shortcut in their respective sections in the book.



Shortcut 1: Eight great nutrition tips for a maximum energy day: To achieve more you’ve got to have maximum energy. Some ideas to help with this are:

  • Start your day with two big glasses of water.
  • Have a green smoothie for breakfast.
  • Always take a lunch break.
  • Don’t buy your lunch from the lunch bar.

Shortcut 2: Stop sacrificing sleep: Get better quality sleep. Continue reading