Summary Lesson For Side Hustles From 7 Day Startup By Dan Norris



Dan writes about what to do on each of the 7 days to launch a business and though his focus is on larger businesses the principles can be adapted to fit a side hustle. Let’s explore each of these 7 days and how you can launch your side hustle in a week. If you’ve been thinking about a side hustle and done nothing about it, now might be the time to launch out. Continue reading

Summary Lesson From The Blog Startup by Meera Kothhand



What if you could ask three key questions that can help you really proceed with your blog? Three questions that will give you a greater chance of success with your blog. Meera provides us with three such questions. They are:

  1. What will be your primary content channel – the medium you use to build trust and grow your audience?
  2. What will be your primary traffic channel?
  3. How will you build authority and credibility?

Let’s answer these questions and explore how they can support your blog and consequently your side hustle. Continue reading

Book Review – The Blog Startup by Meera Kothand

The Blog StartupThe Blog Startup by Meera Kothand is one of those books that you read its title and you almost know what it’s all about, especially when you read its long subtitle:

“Proven strategies to launch smart and exponentially grow your audience, brand and income without losing your sanity or crying bucketloads of tears”

So isn’t this one of those books about how to create a six figure earning blog, make loads of money and lie on a beach somewhere enjoying your spoils? If that is why you picked up this book, then sorry you will be disappointed. Right from the book’s introduction, Meera makes it clear that this is not one of those books and I am thankful for that because right from the book’s introduction titled, The Big Bold Promise, she makes it clear that blogs don’t actually really make money, rather it’s a business or something like that, backed by a good blog that makes you money.

Two quotes from the introduction that emphasized the message she is trying to communicate in the book are:

Blogging is not a magic pill. As much as it’s romanticized as the secret to a freedom or laptop lifestyle, a lot of work goes into it.


But unless you use ads as a monetization strategy, blogs don’t make money, Businesses do. Your blog is not a business. It would be really difficult and you would need a huge amount of traffic to be able to make money from the ads alone on your blog.

So Meera doesn’t tell you about how your blog can make you rich in this book, what she does is educate us on how a blog can support us to build successful income streams. Continue reading

Summary Lesson from 1-Page Marketing Plan – Niche Your Hustle


Gerry loves shoes and she has developed an art for seeking out really good quality second-hand designer label shoes. She has a wardrobe full of them. One day a friend suggests she start a side hustle selling shoes since she is so good at getting them. She decides to give it a go and now she has an eBay store with all sorts of ladies shoes, flats, sandals, platforms, heels and even tennis shoes. She’s getting some sales but not the kind of sales she wants, considering the amount of work going into the side hustle.

One day while discussing her shoe business predicament with her friend, Gina, she gets asked a question, “What’s your favourite shoe type out of all the shoes you sell?” Gerry can’t see the point of the question, but she answers anyway, “it’s the platform ones.” Gina replied, “Then why don’t you concentrate on only selling platform shoes?” “Why in the world would I do that? That will narrow my merchandise and attract less customers,” replied Gerry. “Not necessarily, it’s called creating a niche market where people know you for one thing,” replied Gina Continue reading