Book Review – The Joy of Imperfection by Damon Zahariades

Joy of imperfectionThis book subtiteld, 18 simple steps to silencing your inner critic, overpowering perfectionism and embracing your imperfect life, is another book waging a mental war against the mindset of perfectionism. The author, Damon Zahariades, confesses that he is a recovering perfectionist so this book is both a combination of his life experience and how he has learnt to overcome the perfectionist mindset.

The book is divided into three distinct parts but before that Damon tells us why perfectionism is a recipe for unhappiness and part of his story. He also describes the different types of perectionism which are:

  • Adaptive perfectionism: endeavouring to meet high standards, but recognising that true perfection is an unreasonable expectation. Adaptive perfectionists are driven by the satisfaction they experience when they apply extreme effort toward accomplishing their goals.
  • Maladaptive perfectionism: striving to meet unrealistic goals, and expecting to accomplish them every time. Maladaptive perfectionists aggressively maintain unreasonbly high standards and are highly critical of themselves when they fail to meet them. According to Damon, this type of perfectionism is universally considered unhealthy. All experts agree on this point. It is this type of harmful perfectionism that Damon deals with in this book.

He also briefly discusses some subtypes of perfectionism which are: Continue reading